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We often receive requests from clients to create their ring as low profile as possible. They may be worried about catching on things or might work in a profession where they wear gloves daily. This is the ring you're going to wear forever, and we want you to feel comfortable going about your daily routine. 


We've assembled 14 rings that feature different elements to create a low-profile setting. They work well for people with extremely active lifestyles as well as nurses, doctors, and other professionals that require gloves. 


Of course, all these rings are completely customizable! And if you find a ring you want but it is set higher than you like, we can see what we can do to bring it down. Just ask us how we can do that. 



Diamond Depth

Bigger round and princess cut gemstones are not only wider on your finger- they're taller/deeper as well! The deeper the stone is, the higher it will sit on your finger. If you want a truly low-profile ring, you may not want to get a big center stone. We suggest investing in a higher quality, smaller gemstone for it to sit low on your finger.

Se all our Low profile rings here
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